April 19, 2010

I apologize for being away for a while I am spending the last days here and I am having troubles in finding a flight to catch due to weather conditions above europe! gotta find a direct flight from here to washington DC and I was lucky enough to find one on thursday 22nd of April !

so I have so many things to say I donno what should I start with lol but i would post this pointless article about celebrities twitting and arguing haha click here 😉

and the big question remaining .. why the hell is demi moore  following kim kardashian ??!!!

I’ll be back with more later xxx


Loud Sighs !!

March 21, 2010

College is the only thing that is on my mind these days. I just want to receive that freakin i20 letter as soon as possible and it is really driving me crazy man!

I decided to major in Human Resources –likeduuh–  and I am really glad that this is what I love to become in the future. I want to be an HR person, or at least work in a corporate environment. I had a dream since I was a little girl to become a veterinarian but my father simply crashed all my dreams by saying that I wouldn’t have any bright future.

I was reading a friend’s college essay, and it was about her indisputable love for dancing. She is a dancer that can’t dance. She’s so in love with dancing that she dances to the sound of the printer while it prints. I asked her if she’s even tried asking her parents to consider letting her go to a dancing school. “You want me to die? It doesn’t matter anyway; where will I work?” I told her that she could open her own dancing studio, she could perform in plays and concerts… she could do a lot. But let’s face it: this is Saudi Arabia we’re talking about. Girls can’t even sell in grocery stores and I want her to open her own dancing studio? There are way too many societal and “religious” constraints. I was catching up with another friend of mine who is the most artistic person I know by far. this girl is the best writer in the world, plays the piano, paints, and enjoys nothing more than photography, and she is studying chemical engineering. She isn’t bad at science, she just doesn’t like it; yet she’s forcing herself to go into engineering because it’s the best option out there. It’s sad to see extremely talented and gifted people forced to endure a great amount of pain in order to pursue something they have absolutely no passion for. Our country lacks opportunities for the gifted, support for their talents, and societal mentalities that accept them. The only jobs available for women are simply at hospitals, banks, schools, or Saudi Aramco and some companies like the one I used to work in. Two of which are mixed working areas, so about half the population would be against the idea of letting their sisters/wives/daughters work in them. So women are basically set into two groups: one that comes from an open minded environment, and one that doesn’t. The women of the first group can only work in medicine, engineering, banking, or teaching. The ones of the later can either work in teaching or become housewives. Those that have passions for writing, music, history, politics, sports, or anything that isn’t religion, engineering or medicine, will basically have no future (unless they’re super rich and they could afford earning degrees to solely hang them on their rooms’ walls). We need to open more doors to people and endorse their special talents. If people don’t go to the field they’re best at or the one they’re most in love with, they wouldn’t find the creativity or innovation in them to truly go far. If we want awesomeness in the country, we must give FREEDOM.

sometimes I feel like going on a street protest and scream about our basic human right.. to be free !


I am having this sinking feeling. Like when I’ve heard a joke I didn’t get or spent a night watching a movie I didn’t like or read a book with an awful ending. What was the point? I keep telling my self that I am not depressed I feel serene somehow but I am so bad when it comes to adapting a change.

I miss my job so much that I keep dreaming of the office and all my colleagues several times every week. It took me a whole month to convince myself when I wake up at 6:30 am that I don’t have to go to the office or panic about being late because I don’t work anymore!

Today I woke up kinda cranky. I hate that feeling …. when you just know you’re cranky. I started describing to my father all that I had to do and I almost broke into tears. Then I went to my room and I just couldn’t control the tears as they came streaming down my face.

I felt lost and confused. I hated the fact that I couldn’t talk to anyone because no one  that I know would understand what I am going through not even my closest friends, my parents, my sister.

but then I found him. my love, my savior, my everything …

هو الله ..

وما ابكاك الا ليضحكك

وما اخذ منك الا ليعطيك

وما حرمك الا ليتفضل عليك

وما ابتلاك الا لانه يحبك

لا اله الا الله


I know it is spring already but since we are living in a desert we jump from winter to summer immediately without enjoying the beautiful transitions of spring and fall !

so I decided to go shopping for summer clothes I want to buy more dresses and skirts. I want to keep it comfortable and simple yet colorful !

I have never owned a pair of tapered trousers before. I really like this trend it is casual and chic 😉

How did they do it? Those world leaders, those role models, individuals that people usually look up to… How were they able to get through their bad days? You know the days when you get up and realize that things aren’t going the way you want them to. How did they adapt to the constant walls that are built throughout their lives and careers. How were they able to face all that is tough and sad, and still be able to wake up in the morning and say “Today I am going to leave a trace in the world for others to follow”.

I wish I had their guts, their power, their spirit that got them where they are and that made them face whatever is considered their obstacle.

How did Helen Killer wake up every morning knowing that that day she was going to get through what most people believed she wouldn’t in her life time? I wish I could talk to her, see how she thought, and know the secret that kept her going all these years. How did Nelson Mandela stay 27 years in prison, faced injustice and inequality?

I’m not talking about the amazing things these role models achieved by the end of their journey. I’m talking about the journey itself! They did not know that if they kept that same attitude they’d succeed. Heck, people around them made sure they never thought that.

It’s funny how some people might stay inside the house the whole day feeling depressed because of something that is considered insignificant when compared to the obstacles that people like Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Helen Killer, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein and many more faced.

I’m simply amazed. We shouldn’t admire them only for what they accomplished at the end of their voyage. Yes, Nelson brought justice. Yes, Prophet Mohammed and The Sahaabah made sure that the religion Islam reaches the world. Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. made history through his gift of speech and work against racial segregation and discrimination. But what is truly admirable is how these remarkable individuals sailed through their journey facing the bad weather and the constant waves that laid them back in each step of their journey.

Maybe they enjoyed the quietness of nature. Maybe they had a hobby such as painting to take their worried and busy minds on a vacation. Maybe they even listened to a particular type of music. Maybe they just believed in themselves. Each one of them must have created a way, a thing that made him/her continue and go through the barriers that they faced.

So now all we have to do is figure out where is our sanctuary? What makes us go on to achieve our dreams and fight for what we believe in? Is it the support of a family member? Is it some sort of passion, or simply putting a goal that must be accomplished in a period of time?

who said the sky is the limit? there are foot prints on the moon 😉

Books and more books..

March 7, 2010

Hey there !

so i just came back from Riyadh after spending an amazing weekend with cousins 😀 the best part was visiting the international book fair and if i was left to my desires i would have bought a life supply of books but i was trying my best to buy a limited amount of them :p  I finished reading one of the books on the way back to Khobar… a really good read that i highly recommend

I wrote earlier about Yemeni Jews and how I feel bad for them, i always thought that Arabs and Muslims need to realize  the original meaning of tolerance in their religion and this novel just described the situation of Yemeni Jews in the most incredible way!! How the Muslim Fatima falls in love with Salem the Jewish boy and how the author determined the relationship between Muslims and Jewish in the 17th century .. it is such a great book!!  the only thing i found weak about the novel is how the events happened too fast i thought it would be nicer if the author gave more details to the story.

I still have a long list to read and i am very excited 😀

I gotta a feeling xxx

February 27, 2010

that tonight is gonna be a good night 😀

Helloooooooooo there xx

I had the worst flu on ages last week and I am just recovering so tonight we’ll celebrate my friend hanouf’s birthday at  najla’s beach house and it’ll be a sleep over party !! I can feel the fun and excitement already 😀

look how adorable this is ..

Just found it here on etsy !! isnt it cute?

one of my closest friends just joined wordpress 😉 welcome to blogging Noufa 😀

cheers xx